Pasted Open Mouth Bags


The Pasted Open Mouth (POM), also known as Block Bottom Open Mouth (BBOM), bag is available in multiwall paper with or without a removable poly liner. The addition of a poly liner to create a “Bag in a Bag” construction differentiates this bag style. The “Bag in a Bag” structure is engineered to be hermetically sealed and the poly liner can be separated from the paper plies for cleanroom use and recycling.

This bag style is commonly used to protect bakery & flour, chemicals, dairy powders, seeds.

Customer Closure Options

  • Sewn
  • Pinch / Heat Seal
  • Combination (Heat Seal and then Sewn)


  • Various sizes available but the most common fill capacity is 50 lbs or 25 kg
  • Paper in a variety of paper grades (ex. natural, bleach, matte, gloss)
  • Poly liners in a variety of structures (ex. co-ex, EVOH)
  • EZ Open option


  • Flat bottom for stability and palletization
  • Removable hermetically sealed poly liner
  • “In-Liner” or “Z-Fold” in place of “Stuff and Cuff” bags

Unique to SeaTac Packaging

  • “In-Liner” or “Z-Fold” in place of “Stuff and Cuff” bags
Pasted Open-Mouth Bag